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CRA Committees

Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee establishes priorities and positions, and helps to execute CRA's efforts, in government affairs and public policy.

CRA Contact: Peter Harsha, harsha [at]

  • Fred Schneider (Cornell University) Chair
  • Ed Lazowska (University of Washington) Co-Chair
  • Jeff Vitter (University of Kansas) Co-Chair

  • Sarita Adve (University of Illinois)
  • Annie Antón (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • David Bader (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Wayne Bennett (ECEDHA)
  • George Cybenko (Dartmouth College)
  • Mary Fernández (MentorNet)
  • James Foley (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Jeff Hollingsworth (University of Maryland)
  • Mary Jane Irwin (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Bob Kahn (CNRI)
  • Sid Karin (UC San Diego)
  • John King (University of Michigan)
  • Margaret Martonosi (Princeton University)
  • J Moore (University of Texas - Austin)
  • Dan Reed (University of Iowa)
  • Bobby Schnabel (Indiana University)
  • Marc Snir (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Eugene H. Spafford (Purdue University)
  • David Tennenhouse (VMware)
  • Jeannette M. Wing (Microsoft)

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