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CRA Taulbee Survey

2013 - 2014 Results

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CRN Vol. 27/No. 5

The Taulbee Survey is the principal source of information on the enrollment, production, and employment of Ph.D.s in computer science and computer engineering (CS & CE) and in providing salary and demographic data for faculty in CS & CE in North America. Statistics given include gender and ethnicity breakdowns.

Conducted each fall since 1974, the survey in general covers the preceding academic year. Faculty salary data, however, are for the current year. The survey has always had an excellent response rate--a fact which we believe lends great credibility to the result.

Preliminary results are made available in mid-December only to survey respondents. Respondents and CRA member departments receive the final results in mid-February.

CRA should be commended, by the way, for having the best workforce statistics in all of science.

Jim Austin - Journal of Science

Bachelor's degree data are released in March on this website. The final results are published in their entirety in Computing Research News and placed online in May.

Taulbee Data Analysis in Computing Research News

  1. Time to Degree in Computing (April 2014)
  2. Taulbee in Depth: Department Space per Faculty Member (August 2013)
  3. 2012 Taulbee Report Sneak Preview (March 2013)
  4. Taulbee In-Depth: Employment of New PhDs Outside North America (January 2013)
  5. Counting Computing: CRA Taulbee Survey and NSF Statistics (November 2012)
  6. Taulbee In-Depth: PhD Specialty Areas (September 2012)
  7. Heads Up: Taulbee Survey to Receive a New Look (March 2012)
  8. US CS New Majors, Enrollment Both Continue Increase in 2008-2009 (March 2010)
  9. US CS New Majors, Enrollment Both Rise in 2007-2008 (March 2009)

Past Taulbee Survey Results

2011 - 2012  PDF 2 MB · HTML

2010 - 2011  PDF 2 MB · HTML

2009 - 2010  PDF 2 MB · HTML · All tables ZIP

2008 - 2009  PDF 1.52 MB · HTML · All tables ZIP

2007 - 2008  PDF 1.52 MB · HTML · All tables ZIP

2006 - 2007  PDF 261 KB · HTML · All tables ZIP

2005 - 2006 
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2004 - 2005  

2003 - 2004 

2002 - 2003  PDF 335 KB · HTML

2001 - 2002 

In addition to the annual reports, articles on long-term trends in Taulbee Survey results are available on several topics. This data and all our past surveys are now available at our archive site.


Student Enrollment Trends:
2010-2011 [PDF - 486 KB]
2009-2010 [PDF - 360 KB]
2008-2009 [PDF - 379 KB]
2007-2008 [PDF - 454 KB]

Taulbee Trends:
Female Students & Faculty
[From CRA's Archive]

Taulbee Trends:
U.S. CS Ph.D. Production and Graduate Enrollment
[From CRA's Archive]

Taulbee Trends:
Ph.D. Programs and Ethnicity
[From CRA's Archive]

Taulbee Trends:
Early Employment of Ph.D.s
[From CRA's Archive]



The survey is named after Orrin E. Taulbee, University of Pittsburgh, who conducted these surveys from 1974-1984 for the Computer Science Board (the predecessor organization to the Computing Research Association). Thanks to the people who gather and submit departmental information each year, whose time and effort make it possible for us to compile these statistics.

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