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Scholarly Publications

Computing Community Articles

In the Computing community too, there have been many thoughtful articles, particularly in the recent past.  These include:

  1. SIGMOD Chair's Message by M. Tamer Özsu, SIGMOD Record 31(4):3-4, Dec. 2002.
  2. Valuing Diverse Computer Science Research by Harold Thimbleby, 2006.
  3. Peer Review Anew: Three Principles and a Case Study in Post-Publication Quality Assurance, by C. M. Kelty, C. S. Burrus, and R. G. Baraniuk, Proceedings of the IEEE, special issue on Educational Technology, June 2008.
  4. Scaling the academic publication process to Internet scale by Jon Crowcroft, S. Keshav, and Nick McKeown, CACM, 52(1):27-30, Jan. 2009.
  5. Conference reviewing considered harmful by Thomas Anderson, ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review, 43(2):108-116, Apr 2009.
  6. Conferences vs. Journals in Computing Research by Moshe Vardi, CACM 52(5):5, May 2009.
  7. Program committee overload in systems by Ken Birman and Fred Schneider, CACM 52(5):34-37, May 2009.
  8. Time for Computer Science to Grow Up by Lance Fortnow, CACM 52(8):33-35, Aug. 2009.
  9. A modest proposal (for managing the review process) by Zoubin Ghahramani, Dec. 2009.
  10. CS woes: deadline-driven research, academic inequality by Jeanette Wing and Mark Guzdial, CACM 52(12):8-9, Dec. 2009.
  11. Revisiting the publication culture in computing research by Moshe Vardi, CACM 53(3):5, Mar 2010.
  12. Conference paper selectivity and impact by J. Chen and J. A. Konstan, CACM 53(6):79-83, Jun 2010.
  13. Rebooting the CS Publication Process by Dan Wallach, 2010.
  14. Rethinking the systems review process by Tessa Lau, CACM 53(11):10-11, Nov. 2010.
  15. The role of conference publication in CS by Massimo  CACM 53(12):129-132, Dec. 2010.
  16. Paper Bricks: an Alternative to Complete-Story Peer Reviewing by Jens Dittrich, SIGMOD Record, 39(4):31-36, Dec. 2010.
  17. Where have all the workshops gone? by Moshe Vardi, CACM  54(1):5, Jan. 2011.
  18. Technology, conferences, and community by Jonathan Grudin, CACM, 54(2):41-43, Feb. 2011.
  19. Reviewing Peer Review by Jeanette Wing and Ed Chi, CACM 54(7): 10-11, Jul. 2011.
  20. Journals for Certification, Conferences for Rapid Dissemination by Joseph Y. Halpern and David C. Parkes, CACM 54(8):36-38, Aug. 2011.
  21. Rebooting the CS Publication Process by Dan Wallach, CACM 54(10):32-35, Oct. 2011.
  22. How Science Can Ensure Integrity and Quality: A Thesis in favor of a deceleration of science, Translated from the German by James Geller, Academe Online, Jan-Feb 2012.

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