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May 2015 Vol. 27/No. 5     ∫ Download PDF Version - 2.5 MB

CRA Taulbee Survey Report 2014

Relentless Growth in Undergraduate CS Enrollment; Doctoral Degree Production Remains Strong, But No New Record

By Stuart Zweben and Betsy Bizot Full Article

This article and the accompanying figures and tables present the results from the 44th annual CRA Taulbee Survey. The survey, conducted annually by the Computing Research Association, documents trends in student enrollment, degree production, employment of graduates, and faculty salaries in academic units in the United States and Canada that grant the Ph.D. in computer science (CS), computer engineering (CE) or information (I). Most of these academic units are departments, but some are colleges or schools of information or computing. In this report, we will use the term “department” to refer to the unit offering the program.

Booming Enrollments – What is the Impact?

By Lecia Barker (University of Texas at Austin), Tracy Camp (Colorado School of Mines), Ellen Walker (Hiram College), and Stu Zweben (Ohio State University) Full Article

We are in the throes of another undergraduate enrollment surge. The number of new CS/CE majors in bachelor’s programs at Taulbee departments this year has reached the peak levels seen at the end of the dot-com era. While this is better news than the opposite (declining enrollments), it is critical that the field take into account how policies and efforts to manage the enrollment surge will affect groups that are under-represented in computing.

ACM Appoints New Representative to CRA Board

By CRA Full Article

Mary Hall replaces Mary Fernández as one of the ACM Representatives on the CRA Board.

Engaging Undergraduates in Research: Upcoming Workshops at ICRA and FCRC

By CRAE Full Article

The Education Committee of the Computing Research Association (CRA-E) is sponsoring workshops for faculty members interested in mentoring undergraduate research.

Great Innovative Ideas!

By CCC Full Article

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is delighted to announce a new feature on our website!

May 2015 CERP Infographic

By Jane Stout, CERP Director Full Article

In 2014, CERP asked 1,035 Ph.D. students (378 women; 657 men) to report their specialty area for their graduate research. Students were able to select more than one specialty area. Although there was considerable overlap in women and men’s specialty areas, there were also notable differences.

NSF’s CISE Pushing beyond Today’s Internet

By Erwin Gianchandani & Gera Jochum, Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering, National Science Foundation Full Article

In late March, NSF’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) sponsored a meeting, “Beyond Today’s Internet: Experiencing a Smarter Future,” which brought together researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, and civic leaders who are envisioning the future of the Internet through the Global Environment for Network Innovations, or GENI, Project and US Ignite Initiative. The joint session began with remarks by NSF Director Dr. France Córdova and White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Deputy Director for Technology and Innovation Tom Kalil, followed by demonstrations of what this future might entail, as detailed in a blog by Steve Lohr of the New York Times. NSF published a new special report with links to a press release, discovery stories, and videos that demonstrate the efforts of these communities, and CISE published a new perspective, which is reprinted below:

CCC Announces New Council Members

By CCC Full Article

The Computing Research Association (CRA), in consultation with the National Science Foundation (NSF), has appointed five new members to the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Council.

Computing Education Research Becomes a Research Area in CISE’s CAREER Proposals

What every department should know about CS Education research

By Susanne Hambrusch, Purdue University and Mark Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology Full Article

This article briefly describes the proposed research in two new CAREER awards. These two awards represent a new area of exploration for CISE. Computing education research offers new opportunities for computer science departments and schools, and we also describe some of them.

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