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Computing Research News

March 2010 Vol. 22/No. 2     ∫ Download PDF Version - 980 KB

Science, Computing Research Fare Well in Obama FY11 Budget

By Peter Harsha Full Article

Rumors of an Administration pullback in its support for science proved unfounded, as President Barack Obama in early February released an FY 2011 budget request that continues three key science agencies on trajectories that would see their funding double by 2017. The news for federal support of computing research was even better, with computing research accounts in several agencies slated for even greater percentage increases.

US CS New Majors, Enrollment Both Continue Increase in 2008-2009

By Betsy Bizot Full Article

CRA’s Taulbee Survey of Ph.D.- granting Computer Science (CS) and Computer Engineering departments in North America has been conducted annually since 1974. Results from the most recent survey will be provided to participants and CRA members in early March. They will be published on CRA’s website ( and in Computing Research News in May. Due to widespread interest, CRA releases data on undergraduate degrees early.

Computing Invisibility

By Dan Reed Full Article

Computer science, computer engineering, information technology, informatics, computing and a host of other terms: we have used them all to denote this wonderfully fascinating and diverse thing we do. We have debated connotation and denotation as we seek a clear and compelling exegesis of our field. In so doing, I suspect we have occasionally lost sight of one key aspect, namely the importance of invisibility. What follows is a serious but whimsical look at invisibility’s power.

FY10 and FY11 Funding Opportunities for the Computing Community

Message from the CISE AD

By Jeannette M. Wing Full Article

Good news: Funding opportunities for the CISE community are plentiful. We are in the middle of fiscal year 2010, and last month the President presented his fiscal year 2011 budget to Congress.

Engaging Introductory Computer Science Undergraduates through Peer-Led Team Learning

By Kristen Parton and Christian Murphy
Full Article

As technology becomes ever more pervasive in everyday life and across many disciplines, one might expect that the study of Computer Science (CS) would become more appealing to more people, and to a broader spectrum of students. However, the number of undergraduate CS majors in 2009 is still much lower than it was during the dot-com boom of 2000...

CCC: The CRA in Action

By CCC Full Article

CRA is all about ensuring that the future of computing research is even brighter than the past has been. The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) is one of CRA’s prime mechanisms for doing so with the goal of creating such compelling research visions that researchers, funders, policy folks, students and the public become engaged. CCC is pursuing several strategies which are discussed in detail on its website Here we’d like to provide some highlights with the goal of enticing you to explore more about CCC and then to become engaged in its current activities or to propose new ones.

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