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Computing Research News

January 2009     Vol. 21/No. 1


CCC Highlights


Got press releases?
The CCC and CRA have launched a new "Computing Research Highlight of the Week" (see: that highlights recent press releases showcasing high-impact computing research results. When your institution issues a press release describing a particularly noteworthy accomplishment, use our web form to submit it for consideration. Our goal is to draw broader attention to these accomplishments, and to encourage institutions to write press releases that are as interesting and broadly accessible as possible.
Got game-changing accomplishments?
A recent feature of the CCC blog asked readers to help identify "game-changing advances from computing research conducted in the past 20 years". Take a look at what people said! We'll keep you updated as we refine the list. The "greatest hits" will be featured at a symposium in Washington DC on March 25—watch the CCC home page for news on this.
Got vision?  
A core activity of CCC is to facilitate the articulation of compelling research visions by groups from the computing research community, and to help transition those visions into initiatives. For information on how to propose a workshop or other activity, see
Got a desire to get outside your box?
CCC, CRA, and NSF CISE recently co-organized a workshop called "Computing Research Outside the Box" whose goal was to enlist leaders of our field in brainstorming strategies to keep the field vibrant.  See “Boldly Exploring the Endless Frontier” article above and a CCC blog post at: More to follow on this topic!


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