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Hive Security

The Department of Homeland Security has published an interesting paper that explores a novel approach to combat threats from botnets and their ilk. It involves a network of machines collaborating to stave off attacks.

From the DHS:

"This discussion paper explores the idea of a healthy, resilient - and fundamentally more secure - cyber ecosystem of the future, in which cyber participants, including cyber devices, are able to work together in near?real time to anticipate and prevent cyber attacks, limit the spread of attacks across participating devices, minimize the consequences of attacks, and recover to a trusted state. In this future cyber ecosystem, security capabilities are built into cyber devices in a way that allows preventive and defensive courses of action to be coordinated within and among communities of devices. Power is distributed among participants, and near-real time coordination is enabled by combining the innate and interoperable capabilities of individual devices with trusted information exchanges and shared, configurable policies."

[via the DHS Website]

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Department of Homeland Security


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