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cell phone, ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous sensing, activity inference


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Cell Phones with Sensors aid Fitness, Environmental Awareness

Researchers at the University of Washington and Intel have created two new cell phone applications, dubbed UbiFit and UbiGreen, to automatically track workouts and green transportation. The programs display motivational pictures on the phone's background screen that change the more the user works out or uses eco-friendly means of transportation.

UbiFit display on a cell phone. Different colored flowers grow for different activities, and butterflies appear when the user reaches weekly goals.UbiGreen display on an iPhone. The tree grows more leaves, flowers and fruit the more green the user's weekly transportation.

The applications are designed to change people's behavior for the better, said Sunny Consolvo, one of UbiFit's creators. In a three-month field experiment, people using UbiFit with the background display kept up their workout routines over the winter holidays, a period when people typically slack off on exercise, while people without the display let their regimen slide.

UbiFit and UbiGreen are part of a larger project at UW to use mobile computing in everyday activities to motivate the achievement of long-term goals, said project leader James Landay, UW Computer Science & Engineering associate professor.




James Landay, (University of Washington)
Sunny Consolvo, (Intel Research Seattle)

Research support provided by:
Intel, National Science Foundation

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