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Graduate student Jon Moeller, ZeroTouch featured in Best Buy commercial

Linear SystemThe Texas A&M Interface Ecology Lab introduces the latest generation of the high fidelity ZeroTouch™ Sensor for multi-touch and free-air interaction at the Interactivity exhibition of the ACM CHI human-computer interaction conference (i433 through 5/12/2012). ZeroTouch is a disruptive technology that brings the body into human-centered computing, enabling new forms of expressive, yet precise and powerful interactivity. ZeroTouch turns any display or any area into a multi-touch surface. The latest ZeroTouch sensor's data transfer rate is 8 times faster than before, enabling construction of sensors of any practical size.

ZeroTouch is the highest performance and potentially most cost effective large scale multi-touch sensor currently available. When integrated into a 42" television, ZeroTouch is expected to add as little as $500 to cost at mass production introduction. Meanwhile, development kits are available to a limited num ber of early adopting researchers at somewhat higher costs. ZeroTouch has been developed with support from the Human-Centered Computing program of the National Science Foundation.
ZeroTouch research is undertaken with support from the Human-Centered Computing program of the National Science Foundation. PSOC components are donated by Cypress Semiconductor. 

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Source: Texas A&M University


Jon Moeller (Texas A&M University)
Dr. Andruid Kerne (Texas A&M University)

Agencies (that have supported the research):
National Science Foundation


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