Katie Wolf - DREU Experience
University of Minnesota -- Oregon State University
- Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates - Summer 2009 -


I am spending the summer at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon doing research under Xiaoli Fern. Here you will find updates about my research and how I spent my summer.

We drove 1800 Miles from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Corvallis Oregon in two days.

Check out my Weekly Log to view weekly updates on my Summer in Oregon.


I am at that point in my academic career where I should make a decision on what I want to do after college. Is graduate school the right path for me, or should I find a job? Last summer I had a great experience doing an internship in the IT department at the headquarters of a global manufacturing company on their Business Intelligence team. I also had the benefit of being able to work there part time over the school year. With that experience, I have an idea about what working in a corporate environment is like, so to get a better of idea what grad school is like I applied to DREU. I have no experience doing research, and before I start planning my future, I think it would be really valuable to get an idea of what it is like. This site is dedicated to my DREU experience.