Education Committee of the Computing Research Association (CRA-E)

The CRA-E is a committee of the Computing Research Association (CRA).  CRA-E’s mission is to address society’s need for a continuous supply of talented and well-educated computing researchers.  In particular, the committee works toward the objective of maintaining a healthy pipeline of domestic students who continue on to graduate school and enter careers in research.

The committee currently has two main threads of activities: the Pipeline group (“PIPE”) and the Preparing Undergraduates for REsearch (“PURE”) group.  PIPE seeks to understand and improve the pipeline of domestic students to doctoral programs.  It’s activities include collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data and disseminating its findings to the computing research community.  The PURE group is engaged in identifying best practices in undergraduate research and developing resources for undergraduates interested in research and graduate school and for faculty interested in mentoring undergraduate researchers.

CRA-E works in partnership with other organizations including  NCWIT, CRA-W, CCC, and others to advance common goals.

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