Uncertainty in Computation

Modern science, technology, and politics are all permeated by data that comes from people, measurements, or computational processes.  However, data is often incomplete, corrupt, or lacking in sufficient accuracy and precision.  While concern for these uncertainties would seem essential to rational decision making, explicit consideration of uncertainty is rarely part of the computational and decision making pipeline. 


To address this critical shortcoming in the way we process, present, and interpret data, significant improvements are needed both in the modeling of computational uncertainty and in the tools used to communicate uncertainty to decision makers.  Success will require a broad based multidisciplinary effort, involving development of a comprehensive set of foundations for representing and communicating computational uncertainty that accounts for all aspects of the problem—including the applications, the numerics, the visualizations, and the comprehension of users—in a holistic, systematic manner.





Uncertainty in Computation Workshop

Date: October 15-16, 2014
Location: Washington, DC