Promoting Strategic Research on Inclusive Access to Rich Online Content and Services

This workshop will address challenges and opportunities surrounding access to online content and services, including rich, non-text content. Consumers are increasingly relying on online information for guidance on matters of health, education, and other important topics. Our ability to provide online access for consumers generally, including people with disabilities, must keep pace.

The workshop will bring researchers and stakeholders from the disability community together with researchers from relevant areas of computing research (such as computer vision, or natural language processing) to identify strategic opportunities to solve pervasive accessibility challenges through computing.


The workshop will include four parallel topical sessions, with unifying plenary presentations. Each topical session will include two participants who are people with disabilities, and/or disability advocates; six computer science researchers, including at least 3 who are not already active in research on disability and technology, and one representative of an interested federal agency.

Topics to be considered include:

  • Automatic detection of document structure to make textual content accessible to blind and visually impaired users.
  • Automatic description of image and video content for educational materials and other online materials.

  • Automatic simplification of text content for accessibility.
  • Configurable software architecture to support individuals’ personalized accessibility needs.
  • Providing inclusive access to large quantitative datasets. 

The workshop will also include a brainstorming session in which a wider range of more speculative opportunities, suggested by the participants, will be identified.

The workshop will lead to a published white paper, describing an agenda of computer science research that can address the challenges and opportunities discussed.


Date: September 24-25th, 2015
Location: Washington, D.C.
Hotel: TBD

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) will cover travel expenses for all participants who desire it. The CCC will make hotel reservations at the workshop hotel.  Participants will be asked to make their own travel arrangements to get to the workshop, including purchasing airline tickets. Following the symposium, CCC will circulate a reimbursement form that participants will need to complete and submit, along with copies of receipts for amounts exceeding $75.

In general, standard Federal travel policies apply: CCC will reimburse for non-refundable economy airfare on U.S. Flag carriers; per diem amounts will be enforced; and no alcohol will be covered.

For more information on Federal reimbursement guidelines, please follow the links below: 

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Additional questions about the reimbursement policy should be directed to Ann Drobnis, CCC Director (adrobnis [at]


A draft agenda will be post as we get closer to the workshop. 


Clayton Lewis
University of Colorado Boulder

Shaun Kane
University of Colorado Boulder

With Support From:

Liz Bradley
University of Colorado Boulder

Ann Drobnis
Director, CCC