Interacting With the Computers All Around Us

Computers are increasingly ubiquitous, from smart phones and sensors, to wearable electronics and embedded medical devices, to conventional tablets, laptops, and server racks. In this workshop, we brought together researchers at the cutting edge of pervasive computing to look beyond the horizon at the technological innovations that could radically change how computers interface with people and the world around them. In particular, the workshop covered the growing challenges and promising technological trends in how people will interact with computing around them in efficient, correct, and humanly pleasing manners.  


Date: May 12-13, 2014
Location: Washington, DC


Click here to download a pdf of the agenda.


Limor Fix, Chair
Retired, Intel

Jennifer Rexford, Co-Chair
Professor, Princeton University

Daniela Rus, Co-Chair
Professor, MIT

Andrew Senior, Session Chair

Vijay Kumar, Session Chair
Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Seth Teller, Session Chair
Professor, MIT

Maja Mataric, Session Chair
Professor, University of Southern California