Computing Community Consortium Announces New Council Members and Executive Committee

WASHINGTON, DC, June 17, 2013

The Computing Research Association (CRA), in consultation with the National Science Foundation (NSF), has appointed five new members to the Computing Community Consortium (CCC) Council:

Beginning July 1, the new members will each serve three-year terms, and a new executive committee will be formed. Susan Graham, University of California at Berkeley, will become Chair; Gregory Hager, Johns Hopkins University, will become Vice Chair; and Edward Lazowska, University of Washington will become Past Chair. In January 2014, Susan Davidson, University of Pennsylvania, will join the executive committee.

The CCC Council is comprised of 18 members who have expertise in diverse areas of computing. They are instrumental in leading CCC’s visioning programs, which help create and enable visions for future computing research. Members serve three-year terms which are staggered such that about six rotate every July.

In addition to the new Council members, CRA has also re-appointed terms for three current members: Randal Bryant, Carnegie Mellon University, three year term; Elizabeth Mynatt, Georgia Institute of Technology, two year term; and Fred Schneider, Cornell University, one year term.

The CCC, CRA and NSF, thank those Council members whose terms end on June 30 for their exceptional dedication and service to the CCC during its startup phase and to the broader computing research community:

  • Lance Fortnow, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Eric Horvitz, Microsoft Research
  • Hank Korth, Lehigh University
  • Margo Seltzer, Harvard University
  • John Mitchell, Stanford University

The CCC encourages participation from all members of the computing researcher community. Each spring, the CCC issues a call for nominations for Council members effective the following July.

For more information, please visit or contact Dr. Ann W. Drobnis, CCC Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About CRA: The Computing Research Association (CRA) is an association of more than 200 North American academic departments of computer science, computer engineering, and related fields; laboratories and centers in industry, government, and academia engaging in basic computing research; and affiliated professional societies. CRA's mission is to enhance innovation by joining with industry, government and academia to strengthen research and advanced education in computing.

About the CCC: The Computing Community Consortium (CCC) serves as a catalyst and enabler for the computing research community. It seeks to provide leadership and mechanisms for bringing the community together to identify revolutionary, high-impact research directions that serve to shape the future of the field. The CCC was established in 2007 through a cooperative agreement between CRA and NSF.