Who I am
Hi, My name is Carrie Hopkins. I am a rising sophomore at Washington and Lee University, in Lexington, Virginia. As a sophomore I am still trying to decide my major, but I know it will have something to do with math and/or computer science. This summer I have been given the opportunity to do research in computer science at University of Delaware. Read on to find out about what I will be doing!

The Project
I am working with two other undergrads, (Camille and Katie), and Dr. Pollock and Dr. Sprenkle this summer. Our research is focused on testing web applications. This summer we will be working on creating test suites from templates to accurately model a user session of a web application. With these test suites we can then test the web application and how it functions. For more information on what we're doing please read my weekly journals!

DREU Information
For this project I am participating in the Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates (DREU). The two other undergrads that I am working with are also DREU members. Sana , another undergrad is also a DREU student, but she is working on another project in our lab. DREU is sponsered by Computing Research Association of Women and is focused on promoting underrepresented groups in Computer Science.

Finishing Touches

What I accomplished

Final results
Our report Please take a look at our research paper.

What I learned
An entire web page would not hold enough of the information I learned. This reasearch has been incredible!

The unexpected
I can't believe I feel comfortable with bash scripts now!

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Thank You

I would not have had the experience that I did this summer if it were not for the following organizations and people. They made this amazing opportunity possible! Thank you so much!

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