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Project Information

The project that I will be working on this summer, entitled Project ACE (Accessible Computing Education), involves six students and two mentors working with Lego Mindstorms to boost the interest of computing in visually impaired students. We will be developing several challenges with the Mindstorm robots to have visually impaired students from grades 7 to 12 to complete during a workshop this summer. The challenges involve various tasks for variously designed robots to complete, whether it be following a line, or catapaulting a ball across a room. More details will be provided later.

Overall summer goals are:

   1. To have 5-6 full sets of challenges, some of which are new and some are to complete ones started in the Spring.
   2. To have a deeper understanding of the Lego Mindstorms sensors and other relevant technology
   3. To expand/redesign the project website so that it is accessible, easily maintainable and modifiable, usable (and supports various media) and is secure.