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About Reza

Reza Hammond is a junior computer science major in the computer and information sciences department at the University of Delaware on track to graduate in the summer of 2011. He was a little hesitant in choosing this major because although he had always been fascinated by computers, his only programming experience before college was one semester of basic C++ and he had (and still has) a high interest in studying medicine. However, Reza did not want to tether himself to a major like chemistry if he were to decide that he later decided to not pursue a career in medicine. After a lot of thinking, Reza decided to major in computer science and take the required pre-med courses so that he could take the MCATs his junior year. So far, Reza's plans have only changed slightly. He still plans to take the MCATs next spring, but he developed such a passion for computer science that he also hopes to attend graduate school to receive a PhD in computer science in addition to his M.D. Reza's interest in medicine has mostly been due to his love for helping people. His experiences in college have helped him realize that his interest in computing can be combined with his interest in medicine to help more people than he ever could have imagined.

Reza can be contacted rkweku@udel.edu