Heather Neilson
Canadian Distributed Mentor Project
Summer Research 2005 - UBC Computer Science
The Adaptive Coach for Exploration
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The Adaptive Coach for Exploration (ACE) is an open learning environment for exploring mathematical functions. The program is targeted for high-school students, and allows them to manipulate and explore constant, linear, power and polynomial functions. Hints are provided on demand, and if a student does not seem to be self-explaining the relevant concepts, she is given a subtle reminder to consider the function more carefully. If she is still not self-explaining, a dialog pops up prompting her to think about an aspect of the function. The dialog asks a conceptual question and the student can select an answer from several options. Students are free to move through the exercises in any order, although a warning is generated if a student attempts to move on when she has not fully explored an exercise.
Bunt and Conati 2002
Bunt, Conati and Muldner 2004
Bunt, Conati, Huggett and Muldner 2001
Students currently working on ACE:
Andrea Bunt
Christina Merten
Kasia Muldner
Heather Neilson
Dave Ternes
Dr. Christina Conati